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Announcing Browserling's Chrome Extension!

Fantastic news everyone! We just created a Chrome Extension for Browserling!

Browserling's Cross-Browser Testing Extension

Browserling's Chrome Extension lets you access Browserling with just one click. Click the extension and you can start testing your websites immediately without going to first.

Follow this URL to install it:

Extensions for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer are coming soon, we're working on it.

Rate it 5 starts if you love it and happy cross-browser testing!

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Browser sharing URL scheme now includes OS platform

A while ago we added a feature that lets you link to a particular browser/version. A few weeks ago we launched multiple OS platforms. Today we updated the linking scheme and now you can link to a particular browser on a particular OS platform.

Here's the new URL sharing scheme format that includes the OS:
  • Os is win currently (Microsoft Windows currently, Androids, OSX, and Linux coming soon!).
  • Os_Version version is xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1).
  • Browser is ie, firefox, chrome, opera, or safari.
  • Browser_Version is the browser version (for example 35 for Firefox, or 9 for ie).
  • URL is the URL that you want to load in Browserling, for example,

Let's say you want to share a link to CNN in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1. You then just create this URL:

When someone visits this URL, they'll get CNN loaded in IE 11 on Microsoft Windows 8.1.

URL sharing scheme is useful because you can just send a link to a particular os/browser/url though email, or you can put a link in a ticket, github issue, or code review comment. It's super neat and useful.

Happy cross-browser testing!

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Announcing quick /b/ (browse) URLs

We just added super neat /b/ (browse) URLs to Browserling. Browse URLs let you quickly load a browser in Browserling without much thinking.

Here's what a browse URL looks like:

If you replace URL with a website's address, Browserling will immediately load that address in the latest Chrome browser. It's the quickest way to share a Browserling's browser with someone (for example on Twitter or in a Github issue).

For example, to quickly load Digg in a browser just go to:

This will load in the latest Chrome version. You can then switch browsers and operating systems and keep testing.

Super neat, isn't it? Happy cross-browser testing and until next time!

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Bug Hunter now has Imgur support

Browserling's Bug Hunter just got better. Now you can upload your bug hunts to Imgur with just one click!

Bug Hunter Uploading to Imgur Cross-Browser Tests

What is Bug Hunter? Bug Hunter is the quickest tool to report issues on someone's website. Just load the website in Browserling, click bug hunter, add annotations and upload the screenshot to imgur or send it by email. It's awesome.

Bug Hunter Cross-Browser Tests

Click the bug icon in Browserling to try it out and happy cross-browser testing!

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