Google Chrome team just released Chrome 36 stable on Windows, Mac and Linux. We just finished deploying Chrome 36 to all our servers and it's now available to all our paying customers and also free users.

Cross-browser testing in Chrome 36

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Significant changes in Chrome 36:

  • Rich Notifications Improvements.
  • An Updated Incognito / Guest NTP design.
  • The addition of a Browser crash recovery bubble.
  • Multiple stability and performance improvements.

Significant changes in Android version of Chrome 36:

  • Improved text rendering on non-mobile optimized sites.
  • Doodles return to the new tab page.

Significant changes in iOS version of Chrome 36:

  • Allows mobile sites that have added Cast support to work with your Cast-enabled device.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Significant changes in Linux version of Chrome 36:

  • Chrome App Launcher added.

Chrome 36 implements the following new features and updates:

  • CSS touch-action - New CSS property to enable websites to declaratively state how touches should be handled for purposes of scrolling and zooming.
  • CSS will-change - Adds a will-change CSS property, that can be used to signal that a particular property is likely to be changed in the future, or that an element's content is likely to change.
  • HTML Imports - Import HTML documents into other HTML documents.
  • Object.observe() - Observe changes to JS objects.
  • Unprefixed CSS Transforms - Enables changing the position of content in 3D space without disrupting the document's normal flow.
  • WOFF 2.0 (improved font compression) - WOFF 2.0 significantly improves font compression. We are seeing average gains of 24% with peaks above 50% in particular for the larger fonts such as those typically used by CJK languages (analysis ran on the whole Google Fonts corpus). M33: switching to Brotli Compression Algorithm (instead of LZMA). M36: enabled by default.
  • WeakMap (ES6) - WeakMaps are key/value maps in which keys are objects.
  • WeakSet (ES6) - ES6 WeakSets are sets of arbitrary JavaScript objects, that hold on to their keys weakly.
  • Web Animations JavaScript API [element.animate()] - A unified model for supporting animation and synchronization on the Web platform.

The new release also includes 26 security fixes. Chrome team highlighted the following fixes that were contributed by external researchers:

  • CVE-2014-3160: Same-Origin-Policy bypass in SVG. Credit to Christian Schneider.
  • CVE-2014-3162: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives.

Happy cross-browser testing in Chrome 36!