Browserling Bookmarklets

Do you love bookmarklets? We love bookmarklets at Browserling so we created this bookmarklet generator for you. You can now test your sites in your favorite browsers with a single click!
(Not sure what are bookmarklets? Check FAQ below!)

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Choose OS Platform / Browser / Version. This will automatically generate a bookmarklet for you.
  • Step 2: Drag the bookmarklet link to your bookmarks.
  • Step 3: Now when you click the link in bookmarks, it'll open the website you're looking at in Browserling!


What are bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are smart bookmarks. They're small JavaScript programs that perform actions or enhance the website you're visiting with a single click.

What are Browserling bookmarklets useful for?

You can access your favorite browser with just one click on the bookmarklet!

How do I add your bookmarklet?

Just drag it to your bookmarks! No installation required.

What's this permanent link to a website option?

It lets you link directly to a website of your choice within the bookmark. If you simply create a bookmarklet without a permanent link, then it links to current website that you've open in your browser tab, but if you set a permenent link, it links to that website no matter what you've open in your current tab. It's useful if you're often testing the same website.

I don't like bookmarklets... Do you've a browser extension instead?

Glad you asked! We've a Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari extensions for quick cross-browser testing in Browserling. Just install the extension and you'll be able to test your websites in all the browsers with one click! (IE extension coming soon.) See Browserling's Extensions page for more information.

More questions?

Use our support forum or contact us at