Remote Browser by Browserling

What is a remote browser?

A remote browser is a browser that doesn't run on your own computer but instead runs on a remote cloud computer. You can connect to the remote computer and use the browser as if it was installed on your own computer. When you disconnect, the browser stays running on the remote computer and you can return to your browsing session at any time. If you reboot your own computer, the remote browser doesn't reboot and stays running.

Why should I use a remote browser?

There are several great use-cases for remote browsers. First, what happens in the remote browser, stays in the remote browser. As the remote browsers doesn't run on your computer, the browsing history is never recorded on your computer. The browsing history stays on the remote computer. Second, you can open websites you don't trust. As the remote browser is isolated from your computer and runs in a sandbox, you can open any website without leaking your data. Third, the remote browser is accessible from anywhere at any time. You can keep chatting with your friends in browser-based games without ever closing the browser, keep a bunch of tabs open of your favorite websites, and always be logged in work-related online services.

Try a remote browser!

We specialize in remote browsers! Use the following form and enter any website address to get a remote browser:

The free remote browser lets you use a browser for a couple of minutes and the session will end after that. To get unlimited access to a remote browser, you'll need to buy the developer or team plan.

Remote Browser FAQ

Which remote browsers are installed?

We have installed the most popular remote browsers. You can access a remote Internet Explorer (versions 6 to 11), Edge (the latest version), Chrome (versions 1 to 91), Firefox (versions 3 to 90), Opera (versions 10 to 60), and Safari (Windows version).

Which platforms do remote browsers run on?

We maintain installations of Windows (versions Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and Android (versions 4 to 7). Coming soon, we're also adding the macOS platform and iPhones.

Can I access a remote Android?

Absolutely! We run Android emulators on our cloud servers and you can access a remote Android, change its settings and install applications from Android App Store.

How many remote browsers can I use?

The developer plan lets you use one remote browser at a time. The team plan lets each team member use one remote browser. For example, a 5-person team plan lets 5 different people each access one remote browser.

Does Live API work with remote browsers?

Yes, our Live API lets you embed a remote browser in your own browser. You can embed one or more browsers in an iframe and use them from your browser as if they were running on your computer. No installation required, everything works via JavaScript.

Any other questions about remote browsers?

Please contact us at or use our contact form. Thank you!