About Browserling Inc.


Started in 2010 and co-founded in 2011 by Peter Krumins (CEO) and James Halliday. Located in Oakland, California. We're the first company in Hackers & Founders startup accelerator and we love solving cross-browser testing problems!


David Weekly
Rebecca Weekly
Ulrich Gall
Mike Tsao
Nick Heyman
What do our investors say about us?

"These guys are brilliant and have made an incredibly useful product that was difficult to build." (David Weekly)


David Weekly
Adam Rifkin
Jonathan Nelson
Laura Nelson
What do our advisors say about us?

"James and Peteris are smart, pragmatic, and hardworking. They're also among the top node.js experts in the world. Their technology is cutting edge, and their customers love them." (Adam Rifkin)

"James and Peteris are two of the most amazing devs I've seen in a long time. They ship and ship and ship and ship." (Jonathan Nelson)