Online Browser by Browserling

What is an online browser?

An online browser is a web browser that doesn't run on your system but instead runs online in the cloud. It's just like a regular browser, except it's separated from your system. In Browserling's case, the browser runs on Browserling's servers and you get remote access to the browser.

How do online browsers work?

Online browsers are installed on Browserling's servers and they work just like locally installed browsers, except, they are accessed through a web interface. Accessing a browser doesn't require any installs as it all works through modern JavaScript and HTML5 canvas and websockets.

What online browsers are there?

At Browserling, we have installed all the most popular browsers in our online testing cloud. We have Chrome (all versions from 1 to the latest), Firefox (all versions from 1 to latest), Opera (all versions from 10 to latest), Internet Explorer (versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11), Edge (versions from 100 to the latest), Safari (currently only Windows versions), and Tor browser (versions 7.5 to 12.5). We also soon plan to install Brave browser, Yandex browser, and Beaker browser.

What can you use an online browser for?

An online browser has many uses. At Browserling, an online browser is most often used by web developers to cross-browser test websites. As we maintain installations of all the browsers and all the browser versions, it's super convenient for web developers to just go to our website and get any browser they want. As each browser and browser version is slightly different, web developers need to make sure their code and websites work exactly the same way in all browser versions, and an online browser lets them quickly do that. Second, an online browser can be used to casually browse around the Internet. It's often used as an anonymous browser because the browser runs from Browserling's servers and after each session, the browser is destroyed, together with cookies and any downloaded files. Third, it can be used as URL sandbox. What that means is you can securely open unknown URLs without the risk of leaking private information or getting infected with malware. As the browsers run online outside of your computer, you are completely safe.

Try an online browser!

Here's a quick demo! Enter the URL of your favorite website and we'll open it in Chrome 116 (latest Chrome). Chrome will be spawned on our servers and we'll stream it to you:

The quick demo will let you use just one browser for a couple of minutes (to try it out) but to get access to other browsers and operating systems (such as Windows 11), you'll need to get a paid plan.

Online Browser FAQ

What are the most popular online browsers?

The most popular online browsers are Chrome and Firefox, followed by Edge. We have the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Edge versions installed in our browser cloud and you can get access to these browsers without installing them yourself.

What are the least popular online browsers?

Internet Explorer has become the least popular online browser. This is because Microsoft has replaced it with the newer Edge browser and Internet Explorer is no longer being updated. We still have all Internet Explorer versions installed and you can get an online Internet Explorer at any time.

Which operating systems do the online browsers run on?

All online browsers run on various Microsoft Windows systems. Our cloud servers run Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

Can mobile browsers be used online, too?

Yes! We run online Android versions and we have installed the latest Chrome on them. You can get access to an Android that exists in the cloud.

Do you have an online browser API?

Yes, we do! Take a look at the Live Browser API that we created. With the Live Browser API, you can put an online browser in your own browser and get a browser in your browser.

Any other questions about online browsers?

Please contact us at or use our contact form. Thank you!