Edge Browser Testing

Browserling offers online cross-browser testing in the latest Microsoft Edge browser. The Edge browser runs in a virtual machine in our server cloud and we stream the browser to you. You get a live and interactive Edge without any additional installations. The Edge browser that you get is Windows native and it's not a browser emulator or simulator.

We support a dozen latest Edge browser versions starting from Edge 100 and ending with Edge 116 (currently the latest version). If your application needs to support older browsers, then we also offer testing in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Try Edge in Browserling now!

To try online Edge in Browserling, enter the address of your website here:

The free plan lets you try the Edge browser for three minutes but to get unlimited testing, you'll need to purchase the developer plan.

Microsoft Edge Testing FAQ

Is it a real Edge browser or an Edge browser emulator?

We run real Edge browsers in the cloud. We installed Windows 10 on our servers and it comes with the native Edge browser. You get online access to the Edge that runs on Windows 10. It's the real thing and not an emulator or simulator.

What's the relationship between Edge and Chrome?

In December of 2018, Microsoft announced that it's moving Edge to the Chromium-based browser engine. Chromium is Google's open-source browser engine that powers the Chrome browser. In January 2020, Microsoft released the first version of Edge running on the Chromium-based version.

What's the relationship between Edge and Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are both web browsers developed by Microsoft but they are fundamentally different and there's no relationship code-wise. Internet Explorer (introduced in 1995) was Microsoft's first web browser but as it struggled to keep up with modern web standards, Microsoft decided to phase it out and create a brand new browser called Edge.

Why did Microsoft create the Edge browser?

Microsoft developed its Edge browser to replace the aging Internet Explorer and to provide a more modern, fast, and secure browsing experience that could compete effectively with other modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How do I access Edge developer tools?

To access Edge developer tools, press the F12 key on your keyboard. If you're on a laptop and F12 is hard to press, then use the Ctrl+Shift+i (on a PC) or Cmd+Option+i on macOS.

Our application doesn't work in Edge, can you help us?

Yes, of course! We have been solving cross-browser testing issues for over 10 years and we have seen it all. We have all the browser installs and experience to help you solve your problem. Send us a quick email to hello@browserling.com and we'll be glad to help.

Can I embed Edge in my web application?

Yes, you can! Take a look at the Live API that we created. It lets you embed Edge in any other browser (and the other way around – embed any other browser in Edge).


For technical support please contact us at support@browserling.com or use our contact form.