We've just added the new Android 7.0 Nougat to Browserling's mobile browser testing cloud. You can now cross-browser test your websites in Android Nougat!

Android 7.0 Nougat mobile browser testing

You can try Android 7.0 right now in Browserling for free. Just enter a link to test here and press Test Now button:

We've also implemented Android 7.0's quick browsing scheme. You can instantly access Android Nougat and start cross-browser testing through this short link:


This will load google.com on Android 7.0.

Android 7.0 adds the following features:

  • Just in Time (JIT) compiler with code profiling to ART, which lets it constantly improve the performance of Android apps as they run.
  • Unicode 9.0 emoji and skin tone modifier support (and exposes a subset of ICU4J APIs).
  • New Data Saver mode, which can force apps to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Daydream virtual reality platform (VR interface).
  • Multiple Device Locales.
  • Vulkan 3D rendering API.
  • Settings app navigation drawer.
  • Another system partition, which gets updated when not in use, allowing for seamless system updates.
  • Picture-in-picture support for Android TV.
  • Multi-window support, which supports floating apps on a desktop layout.
  • Ability to display color calibration.
  • Ability to switch apps by double tapping in overview button.
  • Added Emergency information part.
  • Improvements to file browser.
  • Ability to screen zoom.
  • Improved Doze functionality, which aims to prolong battery life.
  • New JIT Compiler, making for 75 percent faster app installations and a 50 percent reduction in compiled code size.
  • Replaced notification cards with notification sheets.
  • Redesigned Overview screen.
  • More Quick Settings options.
  • Redesigned notification shade, featuring instant access to certain settings.
  • Added the "Clear All" button in Overview screen.

Happy mobile browser testing in Android Nougat!