Our users have been asking for a URL sharing scheme that they can email, put in a ticket or code review comment. We've listened and we just introduced an URL sharing scheme for Browserling's browsers. This scheme lets you quickly link to a browser/version/url. When someone visits this link Browserling will instantly load the particular browser with the website in it.

Here's the URL sharing scheme format:

  • BROWSER is ie, firefox, chrome, opera, or safari.
  • VERSION is the browser version (for example 25 for firefox, chrome opera, or 9 for ie).
  • URL is the URL that you want to load in Browserling, for example, http://www.reddit.com.

Let's say you want to share a link to CNN in Internet Explorer 9. You then just go to:


When someone visits this URL, they'll get CNN loaded in IE9.

We love this feature. Happy cross-browser testing!