Browserling's Live API now supports Windows 8.1. You can now embed and automate browsers from Windows 8.1 in your own applications!

Here's how you set Live API to use Windows 8.1:


Here's the list of browsers currently available on Windows 8.1:

  • Internet Explorer (version 11)
  • Firefox (versions 30 - 38, nightly)
  • Chrome (versions 30 - 43, canary)
  • Safari (versions 4.0, 5.0.5, 5.1)
  • Opera (versions 20 - 20)

Use browserling.setBrowser(name) and browserling.setVersion(version) calls to set browser/version when embedding a browser.

Live API lets you embed browsers in your applications on demand and it lets you automate browsers through JavaScript API. It's super neat!

Happy cross-browser testing!