A few days ago Opera team released Opera 23 browser based on Chromium/Blink v36. We just deployed Opera 23 to all our platforms. Free and paid users can now cross-browser test in Opera 23!

Cross-browser testing in Opera 23

Try Opera 23 in Browserling now!

The following new features were added to Opera 23:

  • Heart menu in combined search and address bar

Add or remove currently viewed pages to Speed Dial, Stash, or the bookmarks bar from a single place on the combined search and address bar.

  • UI to allow blocked content in secure sessions

New user-interface element added for allowing blocked content in a secure session.

Improvements and major changes since Opera 22:

  • Stability enhancements.
  • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
  • Search boxes have been added to all WebUIs.
  • Fixes and enhancements for how Opera handles plugins.

Happy cross-browser testing in Opera 23!