Opera 34 browser was released today by Opera Software. It's based on Google's Chrome 47. The new Opera 34 has now been installed on our web testing platform. You can start testing your code and websites in this browser!

Opera 34 cross-browser testing

Try Opera 34 in Browserling now!

New Features in Opera 34

  • Share button on Mac.

Opera for Mac now includes a share button that lets you share a page through most apps on your computer, like Mail or Messages or Twitter and so on.

  • MSE audio playback.

Opera supports MSE audio (audio/mpeg and audio/aac mimetypes), enabling playback from Google Play Music and similar services.

  • Renamed discover to news feed.

The Discover feature is now the news feed. We changed the name to make the feature more intuitive and accessible.

  • Upgrade engine to Chromium/Blink 47.

Web page rendering engine has now been upgraded to Chrome 47.

  • Improved downloads.

Downloads have been improved by adding new functionality. For example, you can cancel a download directly from the pop-out and resume a download if it was interrupted by Opera closing.

New Developer Stuff in Opera 34

  • Updated default Fetch API request flags for service workers.

Flags of request objects that are passed to the service worker's Fetch Event handler for navigation requests have been changed.

  • New navigator.mediaDevices API.

The new navigator.mediaDevices API can be used to enumerate connected media devices and to retrieve their media streams.

  • Added ES6 rest parameters.

ES6 rest parameters syntax allows functions to have a variable number of arguments without using the arguments object.

  • New MouseEvent.prototype.getModifierState method.

Opera 34 now supports the getModifierState method on MouseEvent instances. It returns information about which modifier keys were pressed at the time the event was fired. Previously, this method was only available on KeyboardEvent instances. This change matches the spec and makes these APIs more consistent.

  • Add Array.prototype.includes.

ES2016 (ES7) adds a new array method named "includes" that determines whether an array includes a given element.

  • Add InputDeviceCapabilities API.

The new InputDeviceCapabilities API provides details about the physical device responsible for generating an event. InputDeviceCapabilities.prototype.firesTouchEvents returns whether this device dispatches touch events. All types of UIEvent now have their own sourceCapabilities property which returns the InputDeviceCapabilities associated with the physical device responsible for them.

  • New Cache API: matchAll API.

Cache.prototype.matchAll is now supported. It greatly simplifies bulk searching of the cache, and allows you to get multiple matches.

  • Add Fetch API: RequestInit.referrer API.

This new Fetch API allows requests captured by service workers to match the original referrer.

  • Add requestIdleCallback API.

The new requestIdleCallback API allows scheduling a task to run when the browser is idle. This makes it possible to perform background work on the main event loop, without impacting latency-critical events such as animation and input response.

  • Improved extension APIs.

Opera 34 adds support for the chrome.desktopCapture API, enabling extensions with screensharing capabilities.

Removed Developer Features in Opera 34

  • The SVG 1.1 hasExtension() methods on SVGAnimationElement, SVGCursorElement, SVGGraphicsElement, SVGMaskElement, and SVGPatternElement have been removed.
  • Similarly pixelUnitToMillimeterX, pixelUnitToMillimeterY, screenPixelToMillimeterX, and screenPixelToMillimeterY have been removed.
  • Text highlighting no longer includes empty space (padding/margin).

Happy cross-browser testing in Opera 34!