Mozilla just released Firefox 25 browser. We got a notification and immediately installed it to our browser testing platform. You can start cross-browser testing your websites, js code, and designs in this new browser version.

JavaScript testing in Firefox 25

Try Mozilla Firefox 25 in Browserling now!

Firefox 25 News

  • Added Web Audio support.
  • The find bar is no longer shared between tabs.
  • If away from Firefox for months, you now will be offered the option to reset it to its default state while preserving your essential information.
  • Resetting Firefox no longer clears your browsing session.
  • Blank or missing page thumbnails when opening a new tab.
  • Security fixes can be found here.

Firefox 25 Developer News

  • CSS3 background-attachment:local support to control background scrolling.
  • Many new ES6 functions implemented.
  • iframe document content can now be specified inline.

Firefox 25 Security Fixes

  • Use-after-free in HTML document templates.
  • Memory corruption in workers.
  • Miscellaneous use-after-free issues found through ASAN fuzzing.
  • Security bypass of PDF.js checks using iframes.
  • Use-after-free when updating offline cache.
  • Writing to cycle collected object during image decoding.
  • Improperly initialized memory and overflows in some JavaScript functions.
  • Access violation with XSLT and uninitialized data.
  • Spoofing addressbar though SELECT element.
  • Miscellaneous memory safety hazards.

Happy cross-browser testing in Firefox 25!