Yesterday Opera 19 was released. We just installed it in our browser test cloud. This new Opera 19 version is based on Chrome 32. You can already start testing your code in it!

Web browser testing in Opera 19

Try Opera 19 in Browserling now!

Key new features in Opera 19

  • Create your own themes.

Upload images or use images from the web to customize the look of your browser.

  • Access advanced settings.

If you're a power user, you can now access advanced user settings to configure Opera for your needs.

  • New bookmarks bar.

Save, organize, and easily access pages from a bar just below the combined address and search bar.

  • Chromium 32.

Opera 19 includes updates from the latest Chromium/Blink version 32.

Key developer features in Opera 19

  • JavaScript Promises

Promises provide a convenient way to get access to the result of an operation in JavaScript, regardless of whether that operation is synchronous or asynchronous. JavaScript Promises are now enabled by default.

  • Animated WebP images

Opera 19 enables support for animated WebP. Animated WebP image format is an alternative to animated GIF that offers higher image quality at smaller file sizes.

  • High-performance opaque 2D context for <canvas>

Whenever you use <canvas>, and you only use non-alpha-modifying canvas commands, Opera can now optimize the blending and culling of obscured elements when compositing the canvas into the page.

  • More extension APIs

Opera 19 for Desktop adds chrome.fontSettings and chrome.power APIs to extensions.

Key improvements since Opera 18

  • Stability enhancements.
  • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
  • Custom themes can be created from the image context menu (right-click, or Ctrl-click on Mac, in any image to try).

Happy cross-browser testing in Opera 19!