We are more than happy to announce that Chrome 15 was released today. We're even happier to tell you that at Browserling we've already added it in our own cross-browser testing platform!

Chrome 15 Version

Try it yourself right away!

What's new in Chrome 15?

The most notable features are as follows:

  • Faster print preview.
  • Redesigned new tab page on by default.
  • JavaScript fullscreen API enabled by default.
  • Inline installation of Chrome Web Store items by verified sites.
  • Omnibox History synchronization.
  • Switched to FFmpeg native VP8 decoder.
  • Extensions integrated into settings pages.
  • GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D disabled.

A new "New Tab" page

The bookmarks toolbar is no longer shown on the "New Tab" page. Instead, there is now a separate page for bookmarks. The new bookmarks page is limited to 18 links. The links themselves are displayed in tiles similar to the "Most visited" section, but smaller and with no preview of the site, only a favicon. You can still easily go to the bookmark manager though, by clicking on any of the links on the right "Manage Bookmarks" or "Show all". As there is no context menu bound to the tiles, to remove them you can drag a link, which will cause a "Remove from Chrome" button to appear on the lower right side. For the desktop version of Chrome 15, the way you see the bookmarks may vary.

A new Chrome-specific internal page

Special URL chrome://media-internals/ tracks the active audio streams, bringing a long-standing user request a little closer to reality: finding tabs responsible for unwanted noise.

Browserling Chrome 15 Media Internals

As you can see from the screenshot above, if there are no currently active audio streams, nothing is to be shown. And this is an example when some sound file is being played:

Browserling Chrome 15 Media Internals Shown

Developer features and updates in Chrome 15

  • Prefixed Fullscreen API - Programmatically instruct content on the page to be presented in the browser's fullscreen mode. This entry is for the prefixed variants of the API, webkitRequestFullscreen. The status for other browsers is also for their prefixed variants.

Bug fixes in Chrome 15

  • CVE-2011-3892: Double free in Theora decoder.
  • CVE-2011-3893: Out of bounds reads in MKV and Vorbis media handlers.
  • CVE-2011-3894: Memory corruption regression in VP8 decoding.
  • CVE-2011-3895: Heap overflow in Vorbis decoder.
  • CVE-2011-3896: Buffer overflow in shader variable mapping.
  • CVE-2011-3897: Use-after-free in editing.
  • CVE-2011-3898: Failure to ask for permission to run applets in JRE7.


Have fun cross-browser testing in Chrome 15!