We care about web developers' lives at Browserling so we decided to create a collection of tools that web developers often use. We found that we were often googling for things like "json prettifier", "html encoder", etc, and we'd often end up on weird websites with ads and poorly made tools with bloated interfaces, or tools that simply don't work. We thought we can do better, and so we did.

We're announcing a collection of the most popular developer tools all in one place!


We love simplicty so we made the tools very simple. No useless checkboxes, bloated dialogs, or ads. Just tools. All tools have the same interface and work exactly the same - press button, get result.

We're starting with the 10 most often used tools and we'll be adding more tools over the next few months. Here they are:

  • URL Encoder - URL-escape strings (convert special URL characters to %XX percent-sign encoding.)
  • URL Decoder - URL-unescape strings (convert strings with %XX characters in them back to regular strings.)
  • HTML Encoder - HTML-escape strings (convert special HTML characeters to HTML entities.)
  • HTML Decoder - HTML-unescape strings (convert strings with HTML entities back to regular strings.)
  • Base64 Decode - Base64-decode strings (convert strings in base64 encoding back to regular UTF8 or ASCII strings.)
  • JSON Prettify - Pretty-print JSON data structures (add spaces and indentation between JSON data.)
  • HTML Prettify - Pretty-print HTML code (add spaces and indentation between HTML tags.)
  • CSS Prettify - Pretty-print CSS stylesheets (add spaces and indentation between CSS selectors.)
  • Unix-to-UTC time converter - Convert UNIX timestamps to human-readable UTC time. (Useful if you store date as UNIX time in database.)
  • Long-Decimal-to-IP converter - Convert long-decimals (integers) to IP addresses. (Useful if you store IP addresses as long-decimlas in database.)

We're adding more tools in the next few weeks - Base64 Encoder, JSON Minifier, HTML Minifier, CSS Minifier, and others. Visit Browserling's Web Developer Tools, have fun and until next time!

Updates: We just released more tools!