We hired a comedian at Browserling to write new and original one-liner jokes about web developer jokes, web designers, web browsers and web in general.

Here are the new jokes!

  • Internet Explorer goes shopping. An employee asks, "Do you need help?" Internet Explorer responds, "No. Just browsing".
  • The best guys to be in a relationship with are web designers because understand that to make something great, it takes time to develop.
  • A web developer left a restaurant before ordering because he hated the menus. They were foldouts and he prefers drop downs.
  • Internet Explorer does a great job of downloading Chrome.
  • A web developer's house is usually stuffy because when the house isn't in use, they close the windows.
  • While humans have to pay for each drink at the bar, a web browser is able to just open a tab.
  • A web developer can make a mobile home look like a mansion simply because they know it's all about the layout.
  • My grandma never got to experience the Internet, not because she was too old, but because she used Internet Explorer.
  • An empty Internet browser is an automatic omission of guilt.
  • You'll never see a web developer driving a fancy, shinny, car. Sure, they like the polished look, but hate buffering.
  • Did you know, Google Chrome's logo is the son of the kid's electronic game, Simon.
  • The best Presidential candidate would be a web developer because they have to make things work on different platforms.

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Update: We just turned all these jokes into cartoons! Check out our new webcomic - comic.browserling.com.

Have fun everyone and until next time!