We've added a neat feature to browser sharing URLs - you can now shorten the link to your browser. Simply click "Shorten URL" in the Tools - Share Browser dialog:

Shorten a browser sharing URL (cross-browser testing)

This will create a short /b/ browse URL to your current browser. Remember, /b/ is short for browsing. If you don't like /b/, you can also use /s/ as alternative.

If you don't want to shorten the URL, you can create a URL to a browser yourself. Here's the structure of the URL:

  • BROWSER is firefox, chrome, opera, safari, or ie.
  • VERSION is the browser version (for example 25 for opera, firefox, chrome, or 9 for ie).
  • URL is the URL that you want to load in Browserling, for example, http://www.digg.com.

For example, this URL shares http://www.digg.com in Internet Explorer 9:


Happy cross-browser testing!