Heads up! Opera has just released a fresh new version 57. We installed it in our browser cloud and it's ready for testing. Opera 57 is based on Chromium 70.

Opera 57 Version

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New Features and updates in Opera 57

Smarter news recommendation engine

Opera 57 arrives with a new and improved news recommendation engine on the start page. The improvement has been achieved using Opera's new AI-driven news-detection algorithms. You can now get personalized news recommendations on the start page. Thumbs up and thumbs down buttons have been added as part of the improved news recommendation algorithms. You will see them when you hover over some article. In order to see those news, go to the start page (new tab) and scroll down below your Speed Dial folders. You will receive recommended articles as long as you agree to the terms presented at the bottom-right part of the screen. You can then select which news topics you would like to see. You can click on the cogwheel button to the right of the topics to choose different languages as news sources. You can also select multiple languages.

Opera 57 News

There is nothing more convenient than these integrated news link-thumbnails. When you read multiple items, then it will suggest more news based on what you just read. For example, if you read sports news, then more sports news will appear in the thumnails.

Netflix recommendations

Have you ever wondered which series to watch next? Finding them may not be so easy. Maybe you like Game Of Thrones and you want something similar to watch next. Opera 57 makes it easier for you now as it can find your new favorite Netflix series or movie in a special section on the start page. When you find something to begin watching, click the recommendation to have it queued up and ready to play on your Netflix account. Note that Netflix recommendations are going to be available in selected countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czechia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, but Opera is likely to be expanding this list further.

Other new features in Opera 57

  • New styling of the settings page.
  • Improved page-opening mechanism to avoid flashbang impressions.
  • You can now close pinned tabs without having to unpin them first.

Have fun cross-browser testing in Opera 57!