Mozilla Firefox 39 was just released today and we quickly installed it to all OS platforms at Browserling. You can already cross-browser test your websites and JavaScript code in Firefox 39!

Cross-browser testing in Firefox 39

Try Firefox 39 in Browserling now!

The new Firefox 39 features include:

  • Share Hello URLs with social networks.
  • Project Silk: Smoother animation and scrolling (Mac OS X).
  • Support for new Unicode 8.0 skin tone emoji.
  • SafeBrowsing malware detection lookups enabled for downloads (Mac OS X and Linux).
  • Support for 'switch' role in ARIA 1.1 (web accessibility).

Firefox 39 biggest changes include:

  • Removed support for insecure SSLv3 for network communications.
  • Performance of displaying dashed lines is improved (Mac OS X).
  • Malware detection service for downloads now covers common Mac file types.

Firefox 39 HTML5 updates include:

  • Added support for CSS Scroll Snap Points.
  • Enable the Fetch API for network requests from dedicated, shared and service workers.
  • Implemented <link rel="preconnect"> allowing anticipation of a future connection without revealing any information.
  • List-style-type now accepts a string value.
  • Cascading of CSS transitions and animations now matches the current spec.

Firefox 39 developer tool updates include:

  • Drag and drop enabled for nodes in Inspector markup view.
  • Cubic bezier tooltip now shows a gallery of timing-function presets for use with CSS animations.
  • localhost is now available offline for WebSocket connections.
  • Web Console input history persists even after closing the toolbox.

Firefox 39 fixes include:

  • Fix incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1.1 transfers.
  • Fixed an issue where a Hello conversation window would sometimes fail to open.
  • A regression that could lead to Flash not displaying has been fixed.
  • Improve performance of IPv6 fallback to IPv4.
  • Security state indicator on a page now correctly ignores loads caused by previous pages.

Firefox 39 security fixes include:

  • NSS incorrectly permits skipping of ServerKeyExchange.
  • NSS accepts export-length DHE keys with regular DHE cipher suites.
  • Privilege escalation through internal workers.
  • OS X crash reports may contain entered key press information.
  • Key pinning is ignored when overridable errors are encountered.
  • Vulnerabilities found through code inspection.
  • Use-after-free in workers while using XMLHttpRequest.
  • ECDSA signature validation fails to handle some signatures correctly.
  • Use-after-free in Content Policy due to microtask execution error.
  • Out-of-bound read while computing an oscillator rendering range in Web Audio.
  • Type confusion in Indexed Database Manager.
  • Local files or privileged URLs in pages can be opened into new tabs.
  • Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:39.0 / rv:31.8 / rv:38.1).

Happy cross-browser testing in Firefox 39!