Exciting news! We've added Android 6 Marshmallow to Browserling. You can now cross-browser test your webapps and websites in Android 6.

Android Marshmallow cross-browser testing

Try Android 6 right now in Browserling (if you've the developer plan):

We've also added Android 6 to quick browsing scheme. If you've a developer plan you can access Android 6 immediately through this URL in a few seconds:


This will load google.com on Android 6.

Android 6 adds the following new features:

  • Alphabetically accessible vertical application drawer.
  • Contextual search from keywords within apps.
  • Experimental multi-window feature.
  • App permissions now granted individually at run-time, not all-or-nothing at install time.
  • Larger Application folders with multiple pages.
  • Post-install/run-time permission requests.
  • Demo Mode feature for screenshot-capture usage.
  • App Linking for faster instinctive opening of links with corresponding applications.
  • App Standby feature.
  • Native fingerprint reader support.
  • Application search bar and favorites.
  • Introduction of Doze mode, which reduces CPU speed while the screen is off in order to save battery life.
  • MIDI support for musical instruments.
  • Automatic full data backup and restore for apps.
  • Renamed "Priority" mode to "Do Not Disturb" mode.
  • Direct Share feature for target-specific sharing between apps.
  • 4K display mode for apps.
  • Adoptable External storage to behave like Internal Storage.
  • USB Type-C support.

Happy cross-browser testing in Androids!