Firefox 29 was released today and we've added it to our web testing infrastructure. It's available for all free and paid users and you can start cross-browser testing your apps in this version.

JavaScript and web testing in Firefox 29

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New Features and Changes in Firefox 29

  • Significant new customization mode makes it easy to personalize your Web experience to access the features you use the most.
  • A new, easy to access menu sits in the right hand corner of Firefox and includes popular browser controls.
  • Sleek new tabs provide an overall smoother look and fade into the background when not active.
  • An interactive onboarding tour to guide users through the new Firefox changes.
  • Clicking on a W3C Web Notification will switch to the originating tab.
  • The ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account.
  • HTTPS used for Yahoo Searches performed in en-US locale.
  • Gamepad API finalized and enabled.
  • Malay [ma] locale added.

Key Changes for Developers in Firefox 29

  • 'box-sizing' (dropping the -moz- prefix) implemented.
  • Console object available in Web Workers.
  • Promises enabled by default.
  • Implemented URLSearchParams from the URL specification.
  • SharedWorker enabled by default.
  • <input type="number"> implemented and enabled.
  • <input type="color"> implemented and enabled.
  • Enabled ECMAScript Internationalization API.
  • Add-on bar has been removed, content moved to navigation bar.
  • CSS variables have been implemented.
  • Flexboxes now support visibility: collapse.
  • New ECMAScript 2015 String methods: String.prototype.codePointAt() and String.prototype.fromCodePoint() have been implemented.
  • A malformed JSON string parsed by JSON.parse() now yields a more detailed error message containing the line and column number that caused the parsing error. This is useful when debugging large JSON data.
  • The CSP 1.1 experimental hash-source directive has been implemented.
  • The Gamepad API is enabled by default.
  • The constructor for ImageData has been added.

Security Fixes in Firefox 29

  • Debugger can bypass XrayWrappers with JavaScript.
  • Use-after-free in nsHostResolver.
  • Incorrect IDNA domain name matching for wildcard certificates.
  • Use-after-free in imgLoader while resizing images.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) using history navigations.
  • Privilege escalation through Web Notification API.
  • Out-of-bounds write in Cairo.
  • Firefox for Android addressbar suppression.
  • Use-after-free in the Text Track Manager for HTML video.
  • Buffer overflow when using non-XBL object as XBL.
  • Out of bounds read while decoding JPG images.
  • Web Audio memory corruption issues.
  • Privilege escalation through Mozilla Maintenance Service Installer.
  • Miscellaneous memory safety hazards.

Happy cross-browser testing in Firefox 29!