Opera 72 got released today with a few interesting improvements from the previous version. In this post, we have listed some of the most important enhancements and inclusions. We have also added Opera 72 installation in our browser cloud for you to start testing right away!

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What's new in Opera 72?

Improved Search Tabs

The main improvement this time around is in the 'Search Tabs' feature. It's now much easier to go through the search results and find the tab you want since the results are sorted by relevance. Content matches are sorted by the number of keyword matches in the content, highest number first.

In the search results, tabs are sorted in this order:

  • Title matches.
  • URL matches.
  • Content matches (open tabs only).

Music Player Updates

The update of Opera 72 brings a major change in the browser's music player with a lot of other improvements.

  • The new player in Opera lets you log in to Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music directly from the browser's sidebar.
  • Multi-window behaviour for a pinned player is implemented.
  • Apple Music service response time has been improved.
  • The glitch which occurred while signing out of YouTube Music has now been rectified.
  • Autopause is now working correctly.
  • Feedback button for player implemented.
  • Automatic auto-pause of the music player when there is no sound has been disabled.
  • Control panel is not shown when a player in the sidebar is opened.
  • Music services that were incorrect for the Philippines have been rectified.

Other Major Improvements In Opera 72

  • Title added to search popup window element.
  • The problem of "unable to refresh the page" when a popup is opened has been rectified.
  • Auto-connect VPN after browser startup only for existing VPN users.
  • Support for MP3 and H.264 has been added in Opera 72.
  • Slight UI changes in services with the introduction of a drop-down.
  • 'Close all duplicate tabs' option has been added into the toolbar context menu.
  • The current tab now does not close when all duplicate tabs are closed.
  • 'Trending pages' suggestion provider has been introduced.
  • A 'feedback popup' has been added in 'search in tabs'.
  • The trending suggestion is not shown when a suggestion with the same URL is already present.
  • The error appearing when bookmarks URL contained %2b has been addressed.
  • The popup window can now be dragged by its toolbar.
  • The layout on very low height windows has been fixed.
  • Sudden crash when casting has been corrected.
  • Disabled 'trending pages' suggestion provider when 'receive promoted speed dials and bookmarks' is off.
  • The issue of browser crash when installing Amazon promotion extension in a private window is resolved.
  • Control panel is now available in light and dark mode.

MacOS related improvements

  • Improved touch bar integration.
  • Vertical spacing of sidebar items is levelled.

Opera 72 Developer's Corner

  • The issue on opera::DownloadItemView::OnMousePressed has been resolved.
  • SmartFilesBrowserTest.* now works on the Linux operating system.
  • PageInfoBubbleViewBrowserTest.ShowBubble now works on the Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Support for folders in speed-dials has been added.
  • The ExtensionActionViewController::GetPopupNativeView() implementation is now stable.
  • The arrow API has been revived in the Bubble API.
  • The -[BrowserWindowController window:willPositionSheet:usingRect:] implementation is stable.
  • The SidebarCarouselTests.* is now stable.
  • The v8::Context::Enter() is now stable.
  • The opera::WebPageBrowserSidebarItemContentViewViews::UpdatePlayerService() is now stable.
  • The opera::BrowserSidebarPlayerItemContentViewViews::LoadPlayerServiceURL() is now stable.
  • The views::Textfield::GetText() is now stable.
  • Random crash in SmartFilesBrowserTest has been rectified.

I hope you enjoyed this post with improvements and new features of Opera 72. Have fun cross-browser testing in this new release!