Exciting news! Opera Software released Opera 17 today. The new release is based on Chromium 30. This new browser is now available in Browserling's browser cloud for web testing to everyone.

Web testing in Opera 17

Try Opera 17 in Browserling now!

New Features in Opera 17

  • Rendering engine upgraded to Chrome 30/Chromium30/Blink 30

Opera 17 now runs Chrome 30 JavaScript and HTML rendering engine.

  • HTML5 canvas now supports blending modes

Opera 17 now supports <canvas> blending mode via context.globalCompositeOperation property. To put it simply, blend modes are ways of combining two graphic objects using special mathematical formulas.

  • Pinned tabs

Opera 17 allows you to pin tabs on the tab bar. This can help prevent you from closing tabs accidentally.

  • Custom search

In addition to Opera's defaults, you can add custom search engines to your combined search and address bar in Opera 17.

  • New extensions APIs

Extensions now support the following new APIs: chrome.bookmarks, chrome.commands, and chrome.webNavigation.

  • Quick access bar

Opera 17 now has a new quick access bar for bookmarks and bookmarklets. This access bar is powered by the new chrome.bookmarks API.

Improvements since Opera 16

  • Stability enhancements.
  • New startup behavior options.

Happy cross-browser testing in Opera 17!