Opera 54 (which is based on Chromium 67) was just released for Windows, Linux and Mac. But that's not all. We launched it on our cross-browser testing platform as well. Let's have a quick overview of what Opera 54 can offer to users and developers.

Cross-browser testing in Opera 54

Try Opera 54 in Browserling!

New Features in Opera 54

  • News on Speed Dial

Fifty news articles will be shown just below the Speed Dial folders. Clicking on an article will open the story as expected. Furthermore, you are able to read the news in your preferred language. You can filter the content in multiple categories and much more.

Opera 54 news

  • Recovery / Update section

With the present improvements of Opera, recovering has been made easier to access. This is achieved by virtue of the Update and Recovery menu page, which can be accessed by clicking on the O Menu button (for Windows / Linux users) or by clicking Opera in the menu bar (for Mac users).

Opera 54 update and recovery via O Button

Then you will see this option:

Opera 54 update and recovery option

You can see the current version of your browser under Update. Just click the Check for update button in this menu and Opera will scan for a new version of the browser and if there is, an Update button will appear.

Opera 54 Update button

Also you can click the Recover... button to choose a reset option and have your web browser reseted by settings or by data and settings both.

New Developer Features in Opera 54

  • Generic Sensors - Sensor data is used in many native applications to enable experiences like immersive gaming, fitness tracking, and augmented or virtual reality. This data is now available to web applications using the Generic Sensor API.
  • SVG2 requires <foreignObject> to be a stacking context.
  • DOMTokenList.replace() now returns a boolean value indicating if the replacement was successful or not.
  • Custom Elements can now extend HTML elements to inherit the semantics of native, built-in elements.
  • Mouse events (mousedown, auxclick, mouseup) will now be dispatched for back and forward buttons on mice with more than four buttons.
  • JavaScript now supports a numeric primitive for arbitrary precision integers.
  • Formatting contexts will now behave exactly like floats do when they are positioned.
  • Client Hints enable origins to receive device-specific preferences in the HTTP request headers.
  • Stream API support has been extended with TransformStream. Transform streams enable transforming data in stream form.
  • The <slot> element can now participate in a flat layout tree, with UA style display: contents.

Deprecations and Interoperability Improvements

  • HTTP-Based Public Key Pinning is deprecated.
  • AppCache deprecated in Non-secure Contexts.
  • Two Webkit-prefixed CSS properties were been removed in this release - -webkit-box-flex-group and -webkit-box-lines. Percent (%) values are no longer accepted by the -webkit-line-clamp property.

Happy cross-browser testing with Opera 54!