Opera team released Opera 21 today. Opera 21 is based on Google's Chromium/Blink 34. We just finished deploying Opera to our Browserling servers. You can now cross-browser test in Opera 21.

Cross-browser testing in Opera 21

Try Opera 21 in Browserling now!

The following new features were added to Opera 21:

  • Aura implementation for Windows

Opera for Windows 21 has enhanced its user interface by deploying Aura, Google's new UI framework.

  • Opera network installer

Opera for Windows 21 now uses a network installer.

  • Option to display full URL in address bar

Make Opera display a site's full URL at all times in the browser's advanced settings.

  • Broken padlock security badge

A broken padlock is now shown when sites present invalid security certificates.

Improvements and major changes since Opera 20:

  • Updated Chromium to version 34.
  • Stability enhancements.
  • One-click install functionality for extensions.
  • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.

Happy cross-browser testing in Opera 21!