A few weeks ago we hired a comedian at Browserling to write us new and fresh jokes about web developers, web designers and browsers. He did a great job and we wrote these two blog posts about those jokes:

We loved these jokes so much that we decided to turn them into funny cartoons that can be easily shared. There aren't that many high quality cartoons about web developers on the Internet so we hired a professional illustrator to turn these jokes into funny cartoons.

Today we launched comic.browserling.com - a new web cartoon series about web developers, web designers and browsers.

Here are the first few comics:

A web developer left a restaurant before ordering because he hated the menus. They were foldouts and he prefers dropdowns.

What did Times New Roman say to Comic Sans? ... "I hate your type!"

My grandma never got to experience the Internet, not because she was too old, but because she used IE.

We're adding one or two new comics every week. If you love them, share them with your friends, tweet them, and of course subscribe to updates and follow @browserling on Twitter!

Have fun and until next time!