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Can you please explain how the ssh tunneling works? We run our app at http://app.local would it be possible to access it from browserling?

Thank you!

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Peter Krumins staff
Answered on November 11, 2014
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the question. Ssh tunnels are made exactly for that. An ssh tunnel lets you connect your local application to Browserling. You can also connect apps on your local network to Browserling (not just localhost).

Here's a high level overview of how it works:

First you upload your public key (~/.ssh/ or ~/.ssh/ to us (you'll be prompted for it the first time you try using the tunnel).

Next, you enter the hostname (in your case "app.local:80") in the ssh tunnel dialog and press "open tunnel". An ssh tunnel will open.

Next, run the ssh command that the dialog shows you. It will create a connection between "app.local:80" and Browserling's tunnel server.

Next, open the URL that the ssh tunnel dialog displays in Browserling browsers. The URL looks something like

When you access it will go through your ssh connection and access content on "app.local".

And you're done - you're accessing your local app from Browserling.

Peter Krumins
co founder of browserling
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