Best way to quickly test in all browsers?

1 reply. Asked on December 12, 2014 by Keith
What's the best way to test cross-browser compatibility in all browsers at once? It takes too much time to click through every browser. Is there anyway to get results from all browsers and see the differences?
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Peter Krumins staff
Answered on December 12, 2014
Hi Keith,

Thanks for the question.

At the moment we don't have a feature that will let you quickly see the differences between all browsers at once. You'll need to go through each browser to test the differences. What I can recommend is that instead of checking all browser versions, you check the few latest versions.

Here's why.

According to StatCounter browser statistics ( only the last few versions of each Browser are in the use. As of writing this on 12/31/14, Chrome 39 and Chrome 38, Firefox 34 and Firefox 33, IE 11, IE 10, and IE 9 take majority of the market space. If you test in these browsers and your website looks good then you should be fine.

However we've planned launching an automated feature that does just this. It will take the screenshots of websites and let you quickly go through them.

Follow us at @browserling on Twitter so you don't miss it when we release it!

Peter Krumins
CEO of Browserling
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