Live API Demo

Demo Video

We've created a demo video that shows how the Live API works.


The Live API demo is available by invite only. If you've the invite key, enter it here:

Once you validate the invite key, you'll be able to run the code below, which will embed a live browser on this page and perform some automated tasks.

Email or use the contact form to get an invite. For more information see the main Live API page and Live API's full documentation.

Demo Code

// setup a new Browserling object with the api key
var browserling = new Browserling('api_key');

// set the browser to Internet Explorer 9 and navigate to
  browser : 'ie',
  version : '9',
  url : ''

// embed the browser on the page
var iframe = browserling.iframe();
var div = document.querySelector('#browserling');

// automate the actions
  .delay(5000)                         // wait 5 seconds
  .mouseMove(80, 100)                  // move mouse to 80, 100 on the screen
  .leftClick(80, 100)                  // left click at 80, 100
  .delay(2000)                         // wait 2 seconds
  .mouseMove(140, 100)
  .leftClick(140, 100)
  .mouseMove(200, 100)
  .leftClick(200, 100)
  .mouseMove(280, 100)
  .leftClick(280, 100)
  .mouseMove(360, 100)
  .leftClick(360, 100)
  .delay(1000)                         // wait 1 second
  .mouseMove(450, 180)
  .delay(100)                          // wait 100ms
  .mouseMove(600, 280)
  .mouseMove(740, 335)
  .leftClick(740, 335)
  .typeText("browserling")             // type text "browserling"
  .keyPress(Browserling.Keys.Enter);   // press Enter

browserling.delay(2000);             // wait another two seconds
browserling.mouseMove(77, 448);

browserling.leftClick(77, 448);      // perform triple click
browserling.leftClick(77, 448);
browserling.leftClick(77, 448);
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