4 replies. Asked on March 29, 2021 by Ariel Romero
Hey it didnt happen at all when i first was using this but every 10 or so minutes the browser disconnects while the premium promises usage for as long as i want until it runs out. So please tell me whats the deal and if you guys would be able to fix it or do something to at least lengthen the time between disconnections.
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Answered on April 15, 2021
hi i just purchased a plan for 29$ n i keep either being disconnected , cant reach a server or both.is there any way to cancel my plan or get my money back? i def dont wanna pay for this a second time.
Answered on May 13, 2021
same issue disconnection happen after 10 sec , i try all brows but same issue
Iyre Renee
Answered on September 24, 2021
Currently having the exact same issue and speaking with customer service at the moment
Answered on October 8, 2021
same issue, are you kidding me ?
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